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If you’re looking for fast cash with no repayment obligation then a Pension Loan could be what you’re looking for.  As long as you have over £15,000 in your pension pot you can release this cash within a minimum of 3 weeks.

What is a Pension Loan?

A Pension Loan is a method of releasing cash from your pension fund.  Technically it is not a Loan because you are not borrowing the money from anyone, you are moving your pension fund into a trust controlled by you and allowing you to withdraw up to 75% of the pension pot value.

Am I Eligible?

The only criteria is that your have a pension fund over £15,000 and are not currently drawing down that pension.  As long as you understand the process which is explained over the phone in our initial consultation, you are eligible.  You can release the cash in your pension for any purpose and we will not ask any probing or private questions.

How Long Does it Take?

We have processed some cash releases within 10 working days, however this is only if a pension fund is geared up for transfers.  Normally it takes around 4 weeks for you to gain access to your cash, however if it’s an old company scheme it can take 6 weeks and if you’re public sector then it can take months.  Our cash releasing process is fast, but it’s the time that it takes for your pension fund to send us the transfer documents which causes hold ups.  By phoning them every few days you can help speed up this process.




People We’ve Helped

Jim – Manchester
Jim had a pension fund of £160,000, we helped him access the funds in his pension within 4 weeks. He paid off his mortgage and is in the process of buying flats to rent out and use as his pension income when he retires.

Lucy – Brighton
Lucy had a frozen pension fund of just over £18,000 with a company she was made redundant from. We helped her release the cash and Lucy is currently traveling the world for a year.

Lee – Glasgow
Lee had a £40,000 pension fund and wanted to start a new business. We helped Lee release the money into his bank account within a month and is now self employed.